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Commercial Drivers License: Northwest Indiana CDL Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys

Commercial truck drivers must adhere to both state and federal traffic laws. They are also held to a higher standard of the law. If you have received a traffic violation, the law office of Westland & Bennett, P.C., can protect your livelihood. We have the criminal defense and traffic ticket defense experience you need and a track record you can trust.  Talk to a traffic ticket defense attorney at Westland & Bennett, P.C., today: 219-440-7550, or contact us by secure e-mail.

We offer free initial consultations. The law office of Westland & Bennett P.C., is experienced in mounting strong defenses on behalf of CDL holders, and we will work hard to keep you on the road. We have attorneys with decades of experiencing fighting for the rights of CDL holders in Northwest Indiana courtrooms. We will carefully review your case, help you understand the legal process, and how we can help you. You will benefit from knowing what to expect at every stage of the legal process as we strive to preserve your driving privileges. Our attorneys are skilled at investigating the circumstances leading up to the issuance of a traffic ticket and negotiating with prosecutors.

Our lawyers represent clients who are facing charges of traffic and other criminal charges that include:

  • CDL speeding, excessive speeding
  • Failure to yield
  • Overweight load
  • Unbalanced load
  • Driving without insurance proof
  • Driving while suspended
  • Drunk driving
  • Criminal charges

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