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Driver License Protection: Suspension & Reinstatement Attorneys in Hammond, Indiana

Protect Your Driver's Privileges - Experienced Lawyers Can Help

Indiana does not revoke driver's licenses, but it does suspend them. The consequences of a suspension are serious — how can you get to work if you cannot drive? If you are dealing with a potential suspension or are seeking reinstatement, an experienced driver's suspension and reinstatement lawyer can help you.

At Westland & Bennett P.C., a large part of our legal practice centers on defending clients against license suspensions and helping them get their driver's privileges reinstated. We have helped hundreds of clients, including holders of commercial driver's licenses, regain or protect their driver's privileges.

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We will listen carefully as you explain the circumstances leading up to the loss of your driver's license and help you understand your options and how we believe we can help you. Whether your privileges were suspended for failure to pay a traffic ticket or for driving without valid insurance, or you were arrested for drunk driving or leaving the scene of an accident. As your attorneys, we will explore every valid option for protecting your driver's license privileges. Our lawyers are committed to providing you with attentive, responsive and skilled legal advocacy at every turn of your case.

In some situations, the law will allow for hardship driving privileges, especially if there is no public transportation available. It is important, however, that you contact us as soon as possible after you have had your license suspended or believe that your license will be suspended. The sooner we get involved, the more effective we will be.

Overcoming Lifetime Suspensions

After your license has been suspended for a specific amount of time, it is possible to petition to have it reinstated. An attorney can help you access your record and explain when you will be eligible to reinstate your driver's license.

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