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Circumstantial Evidence in Indiana Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury lawyers use circumstantial evidence all of the time to prove their case.  Circumstantial evidence is evidence that proves something without being direct evidence of the thing to be proved.  Circumstantial evidence is something everyone uses in daily life - although we probably do not call it "circumstantial evidence."

Suppose a person wants to prove a deer ran through their backyard.  A witness who actually saw the deer run through the yard could provide "direct evidence" because they saw it happen.  However, a witness who saw deer hoof prints in the fresh snow could provide only "circumstantial evidence."

An example we see far too often is someone who is texting while driving and then causes a crash.  It is unllikely that there will be an eyewitness who saw the person texting while they were driving at the moment the car crash occurred.  However, we can look at the cell phone text log or the phone records.  If there are texts near the time of the crash, it provides circumstantial evidence that the person was texting at the time the car accident happened.

Our Northwest Indiana personal injury lawyers work hard to develop both direct and circumstantial evidence to support our client's case.  If you have been involved in a car or truck crash, contact our Lake County injury attorneys right away for a free consultation.  There is no fee unitl we win your case.