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Failure To Diagnose Medical Malpractice Claims in Indiana

A failure to diagnose medical malpractice claim occurs when the health care provider fails to properly diagnose, and therefore properly treat, the true condition of the patient.  In order to determine whether a doctor failed to properly diagnose, one must first examine how physicians are taught to diagnose.  The process of diagnosing an illness is called the differential diagnosis.

A differential diagnosis is a list of possible things that can be the cause of the patient's symptoms.  For example, when a patient comes to the Emergency Department complaining of chest pains after a spicy meal, one of the things that they could be suffering from is indigestion.  Another thing that can be causing the chest pain is a heart attack, as well as other medical conditions.

The differential diagnosis provides a list of all things that might be happening to the patient.  Once the health care provider has the list of possible causes, they start the process of ruling them out.  This happens through medical tests such as blood work, radiological imaging and many others.  The medical testing allows a physician to narrow that list of all the potential causes into a likely handful and then down to one - which allows them to make the correct diagnoses.  Importantly, without a correct diagnoses, the patient may not receive the proper treatment to help them.

Our medical malpractice attorneys spend a great deal of time working with medical consultants, studying medical literature and the medical records to assess whether the health care provider took the proper steps to diagnose the patient.  When the doctors fail to do so and causes harm, they are responsible for the harms and losses that follow.

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