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Mediation To Resolve Indiana Injury & Medical Malpractice Claims

After a lawsuit is filed, nearly in every case, especially in Lake County or Porter County, Indiana, the case will go through a process called mediation.  Mediation is nonbinding, meaning neither side is required to offer or accept any amount of money.  However, mediation facilitates a discussion among the parties, which many time results in the case resolving.

The mediator can be anyone who the two sides agree upon.  Usually however, it is another lawyer who has experience with the type of case being litigated.  The Court can appoint a mediator if the parties cannot agree.

Prior to the actual mediation session, the lawyers at Westland & Bennett prepare a mediation submission.  This document spells out the facts of the case and the legal issues involved.  The mediation submission is given to the mediator and is strictly confidential - the other side does not get to see it unless we share it with them.

Most mediation sessions last a half day, but some can go longer.  Our Lake County, Indiana injury attorneys attend the mediation with our client.  We speak for the client at the mediation.  The insurance company for the defendant and their lawyer is also at the mediation.

At the end of that mediation session, if there is a settlement the parties will sign a settlement agreement document.  If, at the end of the mediation session, the case has not been settled, the case will continue to move forward in court.

Our Northwest Indiana car accident lawyers have many years of experience successfully handling cases at mediation.  If you would like to speak to one of our personal injury attorneys for a free consultation about your case, call our office at 219-440-7550 or send us an email through our Contact Us page.