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Bad Faith Insurance Practices: Have you been a victim of an Insurance Company? Our Northwest Indiana Attorneys can help

Insurance is a unique product because we must purchase it before we ever need it.  Each time a premium payment is made, the person is purchasing a certain amount and type of coverage from their insurance company.  What is often overlooked is that the premium payment also purchases the promise to be treated fairly by the insurance company when it is time for it to pay on a claim.

Insurance companies have an obligation under the law to deal with their customers in a good faith manner. The law imposes this obligation upon insurance companies because they often have resources that can overwhelm an individual making a claim. Insurance companies must take the concerns of their customers equally as the insurance company's own interests. For example, insurance companies cannot unreasonably withhold payments on claims, misrepresent insurance policy provisions or pressure their insured into taking a settlement. When an insurance company acts in bad faith, the law provides a remedy to those harmed by that conduct.

Insurance cases can arise in many contexts. A motorist who is injured in a car crash by an uninsured driver can present a claim for uninsured motorist benefits. A homeowner whose home was damaged or destroyed may have a dispute with the insurance carrier over the claim. We can help you with presenting and resolving your insurance claim.

When, however, the insurance company conducts itself improperly, a separate claim for bad faith may exist. The lawyers at Westland & Bennett have represented a number of clients in bad faith insurance actions against companies like State Farm, Allstate, AIG, Zurich, Chartis, AAA, Farmers and others. We know what documents to obtain and which insurance people to question to prove a bad faith case. While a settlement is always an option, we have experience presenting insurance bad faith cases to juries in a courtroom.

If you believe that you have been a victim of bad faith conduct by your insurance company, call us for a free consultation.

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