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Shoulder dystocia happens when a baby's shoulders are caught inside the birth canal and the baby is trapped. The baby can suffer serious damage, and so can the mother, if immediate and appropriate action, such as conducting an emergency Caesarean section, is not taken on the part of the attending medical team. These injuries are entirely preventable - and if they happened to your baby, you may suspect medical malpractice.

When a doctor or nurse midwife decides to force the baby through the birth canal or waits too long to perform a C-section, injuries to the baby such as shoulder dystocia, Erb's palsy, Klumpke's palsy or other brachial plexus injuries can ensue. Erb's palsy results when a baby's neck and shoulder nerves are torn. In some situations, the collarbone is broken on purpose to allow for delivery. These are primarily caused by pulling or traction or by vacuum extraction.

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