Westland Kramer & Bennett, P.C.

Our Support Team - Our Excellent Staff is Here to Assist You


♦ Ursula Banks ♦ Office Manager/Bookkeeper 

Ursula is our Office Manager / Bookkeeper at Westland & Bennett PC. She is here to assist you with trust statements or billing invoices that you may receive from our office. Ursula is also available to answer questions regarding marketing, advertising, or new products that you may have to offer our firm.

Email:  ubanks@westlandbennett.com


♦ Dijah Dickerson ♦ Legal Assistant 

Dijah assists our attorneys in municipal and corporate matters, real estate, and general litigation.

Email:  ddickerson@westlandbennett.com  


♦ Alana Banks ♦ Legal Assistant 

Alana assists our attorneys in personal injury and medical practice cases, as well as matters of general litigation.

Email:  abanks@westlandbennett.com


♦ Sara Mannino ♦ Receptionist 

Sara is here to answer your call, your questions, and to connect you with the right attorney to address your specific legal concerns.

Email:  smannino@westlandbennett.com 



♦  We Are Here To Help You  ♦