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What are the most common criminal offenses in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Criminal Defense

The laws in every state are different, and the demographics in communities also drastically vary from one location to another. As such, criminal activity differs from state to state and even from municipality to municipality within the same state. Tracking crime rates is an effective way to fine-tune federal, state and local policy to deter the most common crimes.

In recent years, the United States has seen a reversal of prior criminal trends. For decades, violent criminal activity has been on a downward trend, with fewer people committing acts of illegal violence. However, looking at data from 2020, the national rate for violent crimes increased by 5.2%.

In comparison, violent criminal activity in Indiana actually dropped by 3.7% during 2020 instead of going up. While that does bode well overall for the safety of Hoosiers, there are still certain kinds of criminal activities that occur frequently around the state. What are the most common criminal offenses in Indiana?

Aggravated battery is the most common violent crime

According to statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, battery offenses are by far the most common kind of violent offense in Indiana. There were approximately 12,400 aggravated battery cases reported in 2020. These involve violent physical assaults that result in noteworthy bodily injury.

The second most common violent offense is robbery, with a total of 3,336 reported burglaries in 2020. The third most commonly reported violent crime was rape. People across Indiana reported 1,527 rapes, although many researchers warn that the vast majority of sex offenses go unreported. There were also 365 homicides in 2020. Researchers noted that the vast majority of such offenses occurred at homes, but many of these crimes involved a stranger and not someone known to the victim.

What do these statistics mean for you?

Certain offenses that have become more common may attract attention from policymakers and those in the criminal justice system. Judges or prosecutors may take a particularly dim view of specific kinds of violent crimes and prosecute them more aggressively. When there are fewer overall violent crimes, on the other hand, the ones that do occur may receive more attention and scrutiny.

An experienced Indiana criminal defense attorney can provide a strategic legal strategy for the most common of crimes, as well as for all types of criminal cases.