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Protect Your Driving Privileges, Your Freedom And Your Future After An OWI Arrest

Most people think that operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) is simple to define, and even easier to identify – until it is you who is arrested and charged with this crime. The truth is, operating while intoxicated is difficult to precisely define. There are several different charges included in this class of offense, and substances other than alcohol may be involved.

While The State Is Working On Your Conviction, Let Us Start Building Your Defense

An OWI conviction can have severe consequences, such as a suspension of your driving privileges (including your commercial driver’s license); a determination that you are a habitual traffic violator (HTV); increased automobile insurance rates; fines and court costs; loss of your job; and even jail time. It is imperative that you are active in your own defense and hire an attorney as soon as possible who will listen to your unique situation and craft a strategic defense to minimize the potentially devastating consequences.

You need an attorney to represent your interests and protect your rights throughout this process. With a former prosecutor on our team, we can expose weaknesses in the prosecution’s case which may lead to a reduction of the charges against you.

What Is The Key To Your OWI Defense?

We will begin your OWI case with an investigation and review of the facts. At Westland & Bennett P.C., we will:

  • Examine the reason that the police stopped your vehicle to identify unjustified and illegal traffic stops
  • Examine the search and seizure methods used by police to uncover rights violations guaranteed by the United States and Indiana constitutions
  • Examine the blood and breath tests administered for errors and inconsistencies
  • Explore alternatives to incarceration, such as Community Corrections, GPS monitoring, SCRAM alcohol monitoring bracelet, and treatment options, when appropriate

For best results, get us on board in your case without delay. This will give us time to investigate and uncover facts to build your defense.

Discover How Westland & Bennett P.C. Can Help

As a first-time or repeat offender, you are right to worry about the impact of an OWI/DUI arrest and conviction on your driving rights and future. We will look at your case holistically and fight for the best possible outcome.

Not only do we handle OWI charges, but we can also assist with driver’s license suspension and reinstatement matters.

To schedule a free consultation with a local Lake County lawyer, call 219-809-6670 or email us without delay.