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Legal Counsel For Municipalities

Our lawyers at Westland & Bennett P.C. in Lake County have extensive experience in all facets of municipal law. We provide guidance and representation for city and town councils, commissions and boards.

Municipal law refers to the ordinances, regulations, bylaws and decisions that govern municipalities such as cities, towns and other local government bodies. Municipalities have a wide range of responsibilities, and municipal law covers a broad range of topics. Our lawyers’ years of experience in numerous civil and criminal areas of the law enhance our effectiveness in providing quality counsel for municipal bodies.

Ready To Serve Your Municipal Body Or Agency Again Or For The First Time

We are available to advise and solve problems for northwestern Indiana’s cities and towns in the following areas:

  • Planning and zoning for residential and commercial areas, as well as for utilities, schools, hospitals, roadways and more
  • Municipal financing through taxation, bonds and borrowing
  • Municipal labor relations affecting municipal employees and contractors doing business with cities and towns
  • Municipal litigation, including passing and revising city or town codes, ordinances and regulations
  • Prosecuting ordinance violations

Westland & Bennett P.C. has a strong reputation in municipal law without regard to partisanship. Our objectivity serves our clients well. We focus on representing the interests of local governments in a full array of legal considerations. We apply our knowledge of civil litigation, business law, real estate law and municipal law experience to help city and town decision-makers enact and follow strong legal strategies.

As needed, we provide legal guidance for local governmental entities that face controversies over land use, law enforcement and other public issues. Our full-service municipal representation includes courtroom litigation as well as positions as prosecutors for municipal ordinance violations.

Let Us Assist You If You Are Appearing Before A Municipal Body

While municipal law is an important part of our overall law practice, we also consider our contributions to city and town governments to be part of our civic duty. In addition to our steady client municipalities, we are open to inquiries from clients appearing before municipal bodies.

To schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers, complete our online form or call 219-809-6670.