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Do Not Let Your Past Hold You Back

Having a conviction on your permanent record can change the entire direction of your life and keep you from getting into the college of your dreams, getting the job you desperately want or fulfilling your retirement plan. One of the highest prices you pay for being arrested or charged with a crime is the lasting impact of a criminal record that can be seen by anyone who does a background check on you. One careless act can affect your life forever.

At Westland & Bennett P.C., we believe you deserve a second chance, and we want to help you reverse the damage by sealing or expunging your Indiana state record.

An Indiana Criminal Record From Years Ago Can Greatly Affect You Today

A background check for employment will undoubtedly reveal an arrest, charge, or conviction from your past. This will possibly lead that employer to skip over you and choose another candidate, regardless of the superior qualifications and experience that you have over other applicants. Even if you were only arrested but never convicted, this can reflect negatively on your reputation and qualifications.

Get A Fresh Start Today

At Westland & Bennett P.C. in Lake County, we will work diligently to seal or expunge your Indiana state record and give you the chance to move on that you need. Being haunted by your past can feel impossible to overcome, but our criminal defense attorneys provide empathetic and knowledgeable legal guidance that can help you take a step forward.

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