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Don’t make legal mistakes with prescription drugs

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Drug Charge Defense

It is certainly not illegal to possess and use prescription drugs. As long as you go to the doctor and get the right prescription, you can then have it filled at a pharmacy. These substances are controlled, so you can’t buy them over the counter, but it is legal for you to possess them.

That said, because these are controlled substances, there are some legal mistakes that you could make. These are things you want to be sure that you avoid. Even what you feel is just an innocent mistake or an oversight can land you in serious trouble.

Sharing prescription medications

The biggest legal mistake that people make is to share these prescription medications with someone else. Under the law, it is always illegal to do this. It is both illegal for you to give the medication to the other person and for them to use it without a prescription.

Obviously, it is also illegal for you to sell the prescription medication, but don’t assume that it hinges on whether or not you made money. Even if you give the pills away for free, that could still be a violation of the law.

Additionally, remember that having good intentions doesn’t change what is legal. Many people get into trouble because a friend or a family member wants some type of medical assistance. They feel like they’re just helping this person that they care about by sharing the medication that they already have.

While this is certainly much different than selling the medication to try to make a profit, or something of that nature, it doesn’t mean that your intentions will alter the case. You could still be charged with illegal drug distribution, even when you felt that you were just trying to help someone else.

What options do you have?

Having serious drug charges on your record is something that can change the rest of your life. It can result in jail time, fines and even a permanent record that hurts your job prospects. Make sure that you know about all the defense options at your disposal.