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What roads are the most dangerous in Lake County, Indiana?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Indiana has some beautiful roads and some famous roadways, but some of them are statistically more safe than others. Your risk of getting into a motor vehicle collision is higher when you travel on roads with high traffic density or issues with their design, like intersections with low visibility.

Although a collision could occur just about anywhere, there are some places where your crash risk is higher than others. Researchers track the sites of car wrecks to help people plan safer trips. What are the most dangerous roads that you want to plan to avoid when driving in Lake County, Indiana?

Some roads seem more collisions than others

According to crash statistics, Lake County has one road that see more than its fair share of motor vehicle collisions. I-80 from Exit 9 to Exit 3 is actually the second deadliest road in all of Indiana, and it is the most dangerous road in Lake County. This 4.4 stretch of road saw eight deadly car wrecks between 2018 and 2020. It is also the only road actually in Lake County to make the list of the most dangerous roads in the state.

There are two other roads near Lake County in the top 10. IN-130 from Tower Road to W. 600 N. in Valparaiso had four fatal crashes that resulted in six deaths, putting it in eighth place for the deadliest road in the state. The 10th place on the list went to the W. Dunes Highway from Furnessville Road to N. Mineral Springs Road in the Chesterton/Porter area.

Does location affect your rights after a car crash?

Even a crash that occurs at the most dangerous location won’t absolve drivers of responsibility. While it is true that certain locations are more likely to see major crashes due to the traffic in the area or issues with the road’s design or maintenance, location has very little, if any, influence on the consequences of a motor vehicle collision.