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Drunk driving crashes tend to spike around warm-season holidays

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When warmer seasons are on the horizon, there are numerous reasons for people to redouble their safety-related focus while out on the roads. The increased presence of teen drivers is certainly one reason to be a bit more cautious. The summer tends to involve more young adults driving during the days, as they are not in school and may have summer jobs, which leads to an uptick in crashes involving young adults. The possibility of wet pavement after thunderstorms is another issue. Wet roads affect tire traction and can easily lead to crashes.

Beyond these two challenges, drivers also need to understand that their risk for a drunk driving crash may be higher when the weather is nice, as people are more likely to socialize. In fact, statistics show that the holidays during the warmer months are among the most dangerous days of the year statistically for crashes involving drunk drivers.

What does crash data show about drunk driving collisions?

A drunk driving crash could happen anywhere and at any time. People are sometimes still drunk the morning after a wild party and could cause a crash at 7:00 in the morning. Someone who stops off at happy hour on a Wednesday afternoon could also cause a crash when people would not expect to encounter someone under the influence on the road.

However, there are times when drunk driving crash risk is higher. The weekends right before and after holidays, as well as the holidays themselves, often see a marked increase in fatal drunk driving crashes because people celebrate with alcohol. Memorial Day and Labor Day actually see roughly as many deadly drunk driving crashes as both the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving.

People may have the right to take action after major crashes

Far too many people harmed by the bad behavior or negligence of others fail to take the necessary steps to seek justice. After someone gets hurt in a crash or loses a family member in a collision, they potentially have the right to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the wreck if an insurance claim isn’t sufficient to fully cover their costs.

Demanding financial compensation is a reasonable response to a major motor vehicle collision that hurts or kills someone. Working with a legal professional can help those who have been affected by injurious wrecks hold responsible parties accountable accordingly.