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What is the most dangerous road in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a driver, it is no surprise that some roads are more dangerous than others. While you are traveling across the state, there seems always to be certain roads that have accidents.

Many variables make some roads safer and easier to navigate, like traffic controls, landscape and traffic patterns. While it could be beneficial for roads and highways to be more consistent, Indiana’s landscape and current infrastructure mean roads will always have some level of unpredictability.

In Indiana, one road is the most dangerous among the others. Here’s what you should know about the most dangerous road in Indiana and how you can be safer when you need to use it.

300 miles of danger

Highway 41 helps Hoosiers get from the northern parts of the state to the southern regions. For many, it is an essential part of a regular commute.

With an average of 10 fatalities per year, this highway has been named the most dangerous road in Indiana.

What makes it dangerous, and how can you prevent an accident?

Like many of the other dangerous roadways in the country, Highway 41 has a lot of people on the road, especially during peak periods. There also tends to be seasonal construction on stretches of the highway, creating distractions and navigation challenges.

When you are on highway 41 (or any other busy roadway), two of the best things you can do are pay attention and ensure you have plenty of space. Often, accidents happen when a driver is distracted and does not have enough room to react appropriately. Focusing on the road ahead and allowing enough space between your car and those around you will help you prevent an accident, even when the unexpected happens.