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Safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Warm weather is an excellent time for motorcyclists to enjoy their bikes. Now that it’s summer, it seems like there are motorcycles everywhere.

While you are more than happy to share the road with motorcyclists, they can be challenging to see and tough to predict.

Here are a few tips for sharing the road safely.

Know the rules

Some of the rules for motorcycles can seem confusing. While motorcycles can share a lane with each other, you should not try to fit your car or truck in the same space as a motorcycle. It may seem like there is plenty of room, but motorcycles need to have the width of the lane to maneuver around debris and other obstacles on the road.

Allow plenty of space

It can be tempting to follow another vehicle closely, especially when you are stuck in heavy traffic. Still, motorcycles are small and can slow down without braking. They can also stop very quickly.

You should give motorcyclists plenty of space so that you have more time to recognize what the biker is doing and make adjustments. When you pass a motorcycle, you should also allow plenty of room before getting in front of them.

Keep in mind that motorcyclists need to keep an eye on the road’s surface to ensure it is safe. While it may seem like they are making odd swerves, they may be avoiding an oil spot or another hazard on the road.

Check and double-check

The smaller the vehicle, the easier it will fit into your blind spot. This is especially true for motorcycles.

You may be in the habit of checking your blind spot before changing lanes, but it is a good idea to double-check before you take action. A motorcycle may be able to fit into your blind spot and just outside of where you would expect to see a larger vehicle.

When you take specific actions to be more aware of the motorcycles around you on the road, you help everyone stay safer.