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5 most dangerous foods and beverages to consume while driving

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is not illegal to eat while driving in Indiana, but some types of distracted driving are illegal and eating can be exceptionally distracting. You also risk accidentally committing a moving violation or crashing into another vehicle while you are unwrapping your burrito, or what have you, thus raising your insurance rates.

Eating while driving is never recommended and can cause serious accidents, especially if the following types of food/beverages are involved.

1) Coffee

There isn’t a coffee drinker alive who hasn’t spilled their coffee at some stage. If you purchased your coffee at a coffee shop or restaurant, that coffee is probably served at 160 degrees, which can cause third-degree burns if it remains in contact with skin for 20 seconds.

To-go coffee cup tops are notoriously leaky and can seem securely attached when they’re not. Even the most heroic drivers can’t ignore hot coffee on their shirt or lap, and the resulting distracted driving can draw unwanted attention or even a crash.

2) Soup or hot liquids of any kind

In the same vein as hot coffee, hot soup, tea and other liquids will find a way to exit their containers sooner or later. Even a minor bump can send a plume of scalding liquid into the air, landing on you, your phone and other things you care about.

3) Tacos, burgers and other foods that fall apart

Any food with multiple loose ingredients will inevitably end up shedding messy shrapnel on you and your car. While this light shower of food scraps probably won’t burn you, the mess and potential for stains can pull attention from the road.

4) Drippy, sloppy, melty food

Wings, chili dogs, fried chicken, jelly donuts, ice cream, frozen yogurt and anything else that can leave a mess on you or your hands is asking for trouble. Even solid chocolate can end in disaster if it melts into your clothes or upholstery.

5) Anything that requires two hands

This should go without saying. This category includes foods that require condiments (fries, etc.) and utensils.

Hunger is unpleasant, and caffeine can help you stay alert. However, they also pose a serious risk for tragic automobile collisions.