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What will car insurance cover after an Indiana wreck?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

No one expects to get into a car crash. Most people tend to overestimate their driving skills and then assume they won’t make mistakes that will lead to a collision or that they have the ability to avoid a wreck even when another driver is the one at fault.

The harsh reality is that many drivers end up in crashes over which they had minimal control. Drunk and distracted drivers are among those who can cause catastrophic reps in a matter of moments. After a crash, you may need to buy a new vehicle or pay thousands of dollars in repairs. You may need medical treatment and could have several weeks when you are unable to work your usual job.

How much of those expenses can you rely on insurance to cover?

Indiana’s insurance system diversifies your protection

In many states, drivers only need to carry liability-based coverage. Those hurt in a crash are completely dependent on the insurance carried by the person at fault for the collision. That is thankfully not the case in Indiana.

The state requires every driver to carry bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Drivers also need to carry similar amounts of coverage for their own protection in a crash caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

If both you and the other driver have minimum coverage amounts, you could have $50,000 worth of combined property damage coverage and another $50,000 worth of bodily injury protection when you are the only one who gets hurt. There may be more coverage available if either of you has higher policy limits or if more than one person suffers an injury in the crash.

Even after a claim, you may still have bills to pay

Unfortunately, even with liability and underinsured motorist protection, you could have a lot of expenses to cover. If you suffer a catastrophic injury, such as one that affects your spine or your brain, you may have years of income losses to recover and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

When insurance simply isn’t enough, people may need to consider a personal injury lawsuit. Educating yourself about how insurance operates in Indiana will help you handle the financial consequences of a recent motor vehicle collision.