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Common causes of distracted driving accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving occurs when a driver is doing something other than paying attention to the road. Distracted driving has become a huge problem in the last several decades. Nearly nine people are killed every day because of distracted drivers.

While each distracted driving case is unique, many of the reasons boil down to some common causes. These causes can be easily avoidable, but people often don’t think about protecting themselves and others. Here’s what you should know:

Texting and driving

Nearly everyone has a phone in hand or pocket or somewhere in earshot. It’s likely one of the most common causes of distracted driving. Many people hear their phone buzz and immediately, sometimes unconsciously reach for their phone to see who’s calling or texting.

When people reach for their phones while driving, they instantly take their minds off the road and their hands off the wheel. By doing this, people reduce their reaction time in an oncoming collision. Drivers may consider turning their phone off in their car and putting their phone somewhere they can’t reach it to reduce the possible chance of a distracted driving accident.

Eating and drinking

There’s nearly a fast food restaurant on every block, so it’s only likely people are going to want to run through a drive-thru and order a meal for the road – especially if they missed a meal or spent hours driving. While quick and convenient, these meals could pose an unlikely threat to drivers and people around them.

If someone is eager to eat while driving, they may spend time looking away from the road to unwrap a meal and grab a quick bite. Likewise, a driver could easily spill a meal or drink, causing them to pay more attention to their mess rather than the road. When eating a meal in a car, it may be wise to stop the car to eat

Even if people take precautions while driving, distracted driving can still happen. Talkative passengers, children and pets can also create distractions for drivers, leading to motor vehicle accidents.