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What types of damages lead to crash compensation in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even if you have never experienced one yourself, you probably recognize that a car crash is a very expensive and inconvenient experience. While you may have been fortunate enough to escape any sort of bodily injury, the crash could leave your vehicle unsafe to drive, thus resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in property damage losses because you must repair your vehicle or potentially buy a new one.

You probably understand to some degree that you have a right to compensation after a crash, provided that you were not the one at fault for the wreck. You may be able to seek financial support from the other driver’s insurance company because the state mandates liability coverage. You may even need to take them to court in some cases.

What kinds of damages are you allowed to request in a crash-related insurance claim or lawsuit?

Economic losses

For many people hurt in car crashes, economic losses are the only real concern. The cost involved to handle your vehicle’s damage is one major economic loss. Hospital bills and lost wages because of an injury are other forms of economic losses. People can ask for insurance or the at-fault driver to cover their current and future lost wages.

You can even claim the cost to replace the services that you can’t perform around the house anymore because of your injuries. Lost future earning potential can also be part of a claim when there are lasting injuries and not just temporary lost wages.

Non-economic losses

Those hurt by irresponsible drivers in Indiana also often have the right to seek non-economic losses. Physical pain and suffering compensation is possible in scenarios where someone endures extreme pain, while emotional distress compensation could be available for psychological trauma due to a disfiguring injury. People can also seek compensation for the loss of consortium based on how injuries will affect someone’s relationships.

You need to have a realistic idea of the long-term consequences of your injuries if you want to negotiate with an insurance company or put a price tag on your losses when filing a lawsuit. Learning more about the rules that apply to Indiana personal injury claims will benefit those coping with the aftermath of a recent motor vehicle collision.