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How can Indiana drivers prove who was at fault for a wreck?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Those who claim that there’s no point in placing blame when something goes wrong have likely never tried to navigate a car insurance claim. Those with damaged vehicles or serious injuries after a crash need to assert themselves if they hope to cover the costs generated by the wreck. Insurance claims and civil lawsuits are both options when someone gets hurt in a car crash, provided that an accident victim can prove that the other party involved was at fault for the wreck. While someone may recognize that the other driver didn’t cause the crash on purpose, they can still hold them accountable for being negligent at the wheel or breaking traffic laws.

Of course, when people make major, possibly expensive mistakes, like running a red light and hitting someone, they often try to avoid responsibility for those personal failings. It may require evidence to prove that another motorist caused a wreck. How can someone prove that the other driver was at fault for a car crash if they don’t tell the truth?

With video evidence

There are cameras all over capturing traffic footage. Indiana has cameras at many major intersections, and there are also security cameras at homes and businesses that may capture traffic nearby. It has also become quite common for some drivers to have dashboard cameras in their vehicles. Video footage of the collision, its aftermath or the moments right before the wreck could help someone show authoritatively that the other party involved caused the crash.

With crash reconstruction

There are numerous ways for crash reconstruction to occur. Some professionals attempt to recreate collision-related circumstances with scaled models. Many others will use highly specialized software. There are even artificial intelligence (AI) programs that can help recreate what happened before and during a collision. Such recreations can provide compelling support for one driver’s narrative when there is a dispute about what happened.

There are other forms of evidence that could help prove fault after a wreck as well. Establishing that the other driver is at fault for the wreck may help someone in their attempt to seek compensation after a collision. Whether someone needs to hire a specialist to recreate the crash, compile witness statements or obtain cell phone records that can help to affirm their version of events, seeking the support of a personal injury attorney is often helpful for those who have incurred major expenses related to an Indiana car crash.